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7 tips & templates to turbocharge your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions


It's the biggest shopping weekend of the year! 🛍

To make sure you get your share of the pie, check out these 7 powerful strategies (and ready-to-use templates) for boosting your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales this year...

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For many businesses - particularly in the B2C space - Black Friday and Cyber Monday can make-or-break your year.

Yep, it’s that big a deal.

The reason is simple:

Millions of people are looking for bargains in the run-up to the holidays

As online shopping has become second-nature to most consumers, Black-Friday online sales have skyrocketed over the past decade 🚀


And with the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerating the adoption of e-commerce, this trend is only set to continue...

In the midst of the global outbreak, many physical stores are sensibly moving Black Friday online. This will provide an additional boost in online Black Friday traffic - and a lot of potential revenue for e-commerce businesses of any size.

So if you’re not taking full advantage of this huge promotion opportunity, it’s no exaggeration to say you’re missing out on your biggest pay-day of the year…

...which is why we’ve put together our 7 tips and templates to turbocharge your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions.


Let’s dive straight in…

1. Build your email list in the run-up to the big event

First up, to get the most out of your Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion, it’s a good idea to build your email list leading up to the event. 

The easiest way to do this is to run a simple campaign in the week before, where visitors can opt-in for exclusive Black Friday deals in the coming week. 

Building a list of interested bargain-hunters will boost your sales in a number of ways:

  • Build anticipation and excitement - you can send your leads “sneak peek” emails to generate pre-sale buzz 
  • Get more traffic to your Black Friday offers - once your sale goes live, you can instantly send a flood of traffic to your website
  • Segment your audience - to optimize your conversions, segment your list and send each segment the most relevant offer for them
  • Boost future promotions - your email list is a long-term asset. You can send your leads alerts about future promotions to increase your sales...

2. Generate leads with Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sweepstakes

Another effective way to build a targeted list of potential buyers is by running Black Friday Sweepstakes.

Here’s a simple formula you can follow:

  • Step 1: Offer the chance to win a product that you plan to discount during the sale. (You therefore know that everyone who enters the sweepstake is interested in the prize.) 
  • Step 2: Once you’ve picked a lucky winner, email all other entrants with a discount coupon as a consolation prize
  • Step 3: Watch the sales roll in 🤑

3. Send exclusive sneak peeks & subscriber-only offers to your list

Your email subscribers are among your best sales leads. 

These folk have proactively asked to be contacted by you with special offers; and as such, they deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty...

So to maximise your conversions from your list, we recommend you use Black Friday to send targeted exclusive offers.  These could include perks like Black Friday sneak peeks (insight into items that’ll be available and on sale, or the ability to reserve an item ahead of time), additional discounts (take another 10% off for being a member), or early bird shopping, (allow customers to come in 30 mins before everyone else).

4. Leverage urgency & scarcity through Product Flash Sales

Urgency is one of the most powerful conversion triggers there is; when we think something is about to go away, we’re forced to act.

To take advantage of this impulse, run “flash sales” throughout the Black Friday weekend: rotate a number of products on discount for a limited number of hours at a time. 

For maximum impact, use a full-screen takeover to alert your visitors of the current items on discount when they land on the page - along with a countdown timer to let them know how long they have to take advantage of the deal.

5. Gamify the Black Friday experience with a coupon “Lucky Dip”

Another fun way to boost your sales is via gamification. 

One simple way to gamify your promotion is via a coupon “lucky dip”: offer your visitors a number of options - and a prize (coupon code) on the next step.

By gamifying the distribution of your Black Friday discounts, your campaign will be more engaging and memorable. And as a result, your visitors will be more likely to take action.

6. Respond to your visitors’ browsing behavior with contextual offers

Just as a good salesperson adapts their sales pitch to respond to their prospects body language, if you dynamically respond to your visitors browsing behavior, they’re more likely to become customers.

A great way to do this is with contextual offers...

A contextual offer is a popup that’s triggered when your visitor clicks or hovers over a specific image, button or text on your webpage.

As contextual pop-ups deliver your offer in response to your visitors’ behaviour, they are more timely and relevant. As such, it’s more likely to convert...

7. Upsell/cross-sell customers with offers for complementary products

Another great way to respond to your visitors’ browsing behaviour is via scroll boxes - i.e., slide-ins that display when your visitors scroll to a certain point on your page.

Use scroll boxes and other types of popups to show visitors other offers that may be of interest, and thereby boost your average basket value.

Pro Tip: Set your scroll-boxes to appear in the corner of the page – so your visitors can continue to read your site without having to close them down. This will boost your conversions further.

8. BONUS TIP: Prevent cart abandonment with irresistible exit offers

Our bonus tip for boosting your Black Friday success is to use exit offers to turn your abandoning visitors into leads and customers.

On average, 2 of every 3 visitors to your site leaves without taking any action…

So converting just a small fraction of these people could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Adding an exit-intent popup to your website is one of the most effective ways to prevent website abandonment.

This is because exit-intent popups create a “pattern interrupt” which forces abandoning visitors to rethink their decision to leave your site… you a free second shot at converting them 😎


In summary: try to incorporate fun, creativity, and gamification in your marketing to make it stand out from the crowd - and of course leverage scarcity and urgency to make sure your prospects pull the trigger…

I hope you found some quick wins you can apply to your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions this year. Happy converting!


Take advantage of this holiday to grow your business today…

It’s super simple to create a Black Friday Promotion with in just a few steps:

  1. Import a template
  2. Customise your design with our drag-and-drop builder (add your own text, images, videos, animation - and more...)
  3. Put your campaign live and take advantage of this holiday to grow your business

At we want to make sure you never miss another promotion opportunity…

So keep your eyes peeled for more holiday templates to help you run timely promotions to your audience!!

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