New Templates


Discover our latest templates for growing your business

It may be cold outside ☃️

...but these templates are HOT off the press!

Its hard to believe we're already into the second month into 2021?

Fortunately our template design team have been hard at work.

So, without further ado, here's a rundown of all the new templates for February...

First up, here's a massive selection of new templates for ecommerce and running discounted offers

And here's a couple of timely offer templates based around promoting the use of face masks

And here's a random selection of templates which we hadn't released yet.

(The are standalone templates and are not grouped together in sets). 

Seasonal Templates

And of course, the season of love will soon be upon us, so here's some Valentine's day templates too...

And that's your lot for this month. 

Remember, if you'd like to request a specific template set, just let us know.

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